About Us

Who Are We And What We Aim For

Innoventiz Solutions is focused on providing e-commerce solutions to enterprises and personal businesses. Innoventiz Solutions, evolved out of a free-lancing startup Company that is successfully moving up in providing better services and making clients trust.


Successful Experience Addressing Challenges

We encountered a number of challenges during the initial set-up of our projects: Clients needs & Quality Assurance, System Design & Development and Intellectual Property protection. We tackled each issue by making intelligent and efficient designs that enabled us to work effectively and develop each project in a smoother way.


Extensive Clients Experience

Since beginning we have designed and developed a number of projects on self-basis and on clients’ demand: marketing projects, Computerized Management Systems, e-commerce solutions, who have been passed with quality tests with user friendly layouts which have been deployed for enterprise uses. We have also provided promotional and marketing solutions in Animated Media and Paper Media. We have also worked with larger clients.


Let Us Help You Computerize Your Business

In today’s fast going world every business big or small is moving towards computerized management systems. Computerized systems are faster in computation, making transactions faster thus smoothen our work in corruption-free ways. Innoventiz Solutions will provide you a low cost Computerized Solution to your enterprise needs of transactional and record management.


Let Us Help You Craft A Colossal Business Marketing

In today’s cost conscious Business environment, almost every company, large and small, is thinking of an e-commerce solution for marketing and promotional needs to successfully uphold their business. Consider yours; you cannot enforce communication ties up to telephone. With the wide spreading use of web media every running business need to have a web-based communication bridge. Innoventiz Solutions, Provide their clients marketing solutions with websites, web applications and promotional media to boost their business economy.

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